Where is the TARDIS?

Has the TARDIS landed in Clinton, Arkansas?

Fans of long-running British sci-fi phenomenon Dr. Who will tell you that it has. Like Superman’s iconic phone booth, the time-traveling Doctor used an everyday-looking Police Call Box to conceal a powerful inter-dimensional space vehicle.

(Acronym: Time and Relative Dimension in Space).

According to the story, the curious “Time Lord” travels through the galaxy with a particular connection to humanity, exploring the wonders and complexities of life on earth – and often defending the planet in the process, with the help of a trusty earth sidekick. His TARDIS makes random appearances, and if you’re lucky, you just might catch a glimpse – or better yet, step inside! Appearances can be deceiving…behind its narrow doors is an entire world to explore!

If you spot the TARDIS, take a picture – and feel free to peek in! Like its inter-dimensional counterpart, it’s sure to hold a wealth of fascinating information, free for the taking. You’ll never see the community the same way again!

The TARDIS is a project of the Clinton Chamber of Commerce. For more information, contact Jason Hayes at 501-745-6500.