Fish VBC

Greers Ferry Lake

Greers Ferry Lake in Van Buren County is located on Clinton’s doorstep and with 40,500 acres this lake is an amazing choice for year around fishing.  The lake is fed by 3 rivers and a number of creeks providing ample habitat for a number of game fish.  This breathtaking lake offers anglers from beginners to experienced fishermen plenty of great fishing opportunities.  

Trophy Lake & Stream Fishing

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission actively stocks the lake and you can find largemouth and smallmouth bass, spotted bass, white bass, crappie, walleye and channel catfish.  Bass are abundant during the spring, summer and fall (especially during the spring spawning).  During the winter you can catch huge walleye that spawn from late February to Mid March. Hybrids can be caught on lake 11 months out of the year and we are also known for our great crappie fishing.  This Lake can be challenging and anglers need to think outside the box at times but the rewards are well worth it.

Greers Ferry Lake is home to the world record walleye and a number of state record fish.

River & Stream

Fishing in Clinton is not just limited to Greers Ferry Lake.  With two of the lakes main tributaries within 10 minutes of the city, it is easy to see why Clinton is your fishing destination.  The South Fork and the Middle Fork of the Little Red both provide amazing views, but the fact that with locals the only argument between the best smallmouth fishing in the state is between the South Fork of the Little Red River including the Archey River and the Middle Fork of the Little Red River, is what is most exciting to a fisher.  Both of these rivers provide an abundance of small mouth bass especially in the spring spawning but also have rock bass, shadow bass, warmouth, and perch to accompany the typical fish that thrive in these conditions.  The fishing on these rivers remains excellent and is kept from being over fished partly due to seasonal access.  Typical access to the upper sections of these rivers is through the wet season and spot availability through the summer with most of the fishing holes only accessible by kayak or canoe. 

Plan Your Visit

Clinton is your destination for fishing in Central and North Central Arkansas and with an abundance of lodging opportunities and a number of retail shops and restaurants it is easy to see why anglers are making it their go to fishing destination.  With enough activities to keep the family busy and a full service marina 6 miles from town Clinton is uniquely set up to provide a full family outing.  Clinton is located 40 minutes north of Conway on Highway 65 and is ideal for day, week, or weekend trips.