2024 Eclipse

Countdown to the Next Great American Eclipse

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Clinton, Arkansas will be at the CENTER OF TOTALITY in the next complete solar eclipse visible in the United States.

Convenient location:

Clinton is located directly on a main highway, centrally accessible by the Memphis, TN, Houston, TX, Springfield, MO, and Little Rock, AR.
US Highway 65 runs through the entire length of the state. By 2024, the entire length of the highway through & surrounding Clinton will have expanded to 4 lanes. Hotels, resorts, restaurants, fuel & shopping are all located directly on the highway.

Ideal viewing conditions:

Clinton’s picturesque skyline will frame your celestial view with rolling hills and open fields, without the urban obstacles or light pollution of a cityscape. You have ample opportunity to find a great vista to capture your eclipse experience. There’s no better place to be skywatcher, night or day!

Join the excitement!

Clintonians are PUMPED about the chance to experience the heart of the solar eclipse! We invite you to celebrate with us! If you are looking for the best place to plan your 2024 visit, we would love to be your ECLIPSE HEADQUARTERS. To begin your adventure, or to learn more about upcoming 2024 festivities, please contact the Clinton Chamber of Commerce at 501-745-6500 or e-mail info@clintonark.com.